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What Will She Washi Next?

Posted on Apr 23, 2012 by in Featured, Uncategorized, Washi Tape | 0 comments

As this point, my washi tape obsession has reached a critical level.

I am constantly thinking, “can I stick washi tape on this?” My gadgets have washi on them, my craft projects all have washi on them, my decorations in my house have washi on them, and I’ve been giving things to my friends for weeks now that are covered in washi. Did I mention that I placed ANOTHER order today? When it comes, it will put my collection over 50 rolls. Anyway… enough about how crazy I am….

As promised in my previous washi post, I wanted to share a few things of the new things I have made and decorated! Some of them are fairly self explanatory and some of them have a tutorial with them.

*DISCLAIMER* There are A LOT of people blogging about washi right now. At this point, I’ve seen just about everything you can possibly do with washi tape online somewhere. Everything in this post was inspired by or almost directly copied off of someone else’s ideas that I saw in a magazine, on a blog, on pinterest, or in a craft store. These are just my versions. I will try and link to the posts that inspired me where I can, but most of this stuff is just stuff I kept a mental catalog of when I saw them. Although all of the ideas are not original, these are my creations and my photos.

coolest macbook in town!

washi smart cover

First things first- I just had to washi my electronics! I have seen quite a few keyboards with washi on them on Pinterest, but didn’t want to do my whole keyboard. The spacebar and screen border is enough flair for me. :-) I’m completely in love with the washi apple!! I love the way the light shines through it!

I saw the washi iPad cover on a blog I stumbled on. I chose the tape that went best with my cover,

put the tape on in strips, and then used my fine-tip scissors to round the edges to match the raised parts of the cover.

I have been using my washi tape to label EVERYTHING! My most recent idea was the scissor labels. I am very particular about my good scissors not being used for everyday things, so I have labeled the ones I don’t want others using with red tape! It is a great way to let my daughter know which ones she can play with and which ones she can’t.

scissor labels

craftroom labels

coupon binder labels

washi clothespins- they can be turned into magnets, used as chip clips...endless possibilities!

super fun binder clips! currently using them in my planner and smash book!

square candles from Ikea

Yes, even my candles have fallen victim to my washi obsession. I saw some washi covered tea light candles on Pinterest, and decided to washi my Ikea and Glade candles! Because the square holders and the glade holder are tapered, the tape wrinkled in a few spots. It’s barely noticeable.

glade vanilla candle

These little cuties could be used on a fruit/cheese tray, or on cupcakes!

Washi bunting can be put anywhere- this piece makes my desk lamp really spiffy!

ruler tape envelope seal

Washit tape is great for sealing envelopes because it sticks well but is easily removable. For this one, I put the ruler tape on each side, folded it in at the point, then used a glue dot to adhere the circle in the center.

When you pull up on the circle, it opens the envelope! So fun!

view from the inside

use washi tape to jazz up the lid of a jar, or put it around the center of the glass!

washi tape is great for marking places in books! re-use them over and over!

Every day I am finding new and fun things to do with washi, and I will continue to share them with you here as I find them! Have a splendid day and thanks for popping in!

Did you make something fun you want to share? Post it here!

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